Dress Code


All Members and Guests shall be expected to dress in a manner befitting the surroundings and the atmosphere of the Club. Gentlemen are requested to wear shoes / sandals, track suits or long trousers. Shorts, Rubber Slippers and banians are not permitted to be worn. None of the above regulations preclude the Indian National Dress.

  • Players should wear predominantly White T-Shirts with White / Coloured sports shorts only during members time.
  • Only predominantly White Non-Marking Badminton Shoes will be permitted to be worn while using the Courts. Road Running Shoes and Shoes with Black Soles will not be permitted.


Casual Wear, Denims, Formals, Sandals and casual shoes are not allowed. Working out barefoot in the Gym is also not permitted. Only sportswear are permitted.


Road running shoes with black soles are not permitted. Predominantly white non-marking shoes with white sole will be permitted.


All members and guests are expected to dress in swim suite befitting the surroundings and the atmosphere of the club.


With proper attire for the game are only allowed.